We specialise in boiler breakdown repair, servicing and maintenance and when necessary, the replacement of Natural Gas, LPG and Oil fired appliances. 


Types of work that we are certified to carry out:


Services Provided:

  • Domestic

  • Non-Domestic


Gas Type:

  • LPG

  • Natural Gas


Domestic area of work: 


Central Heating DOM LPG


Central Heating DOM NG

Combustion Analysis



Combustion Performance Analysis LPG


Combustion Performance Analysis NG



Cookers DOM LPG


Cookers DOM NG




Fires/Space Heaters DOM LPG


Fires/Space Heaters DOM NG




Flue Liners


Pipework DOM NG (CORE)


Pipework PD DOM LPG



Unvented Hot Water Cylinders G3 (BuildRegs)

Vented Cyl



Vented Cylinders


Water Heater



Water Heaters DOM LPG


Water Heaters DOM NG

Whether the problem is within the appliance or a faulty component in the central heating controls, we will diagnose and carry out the repair


Annual boiler servicing and cleaning is important on newer high efficiency appliances which create condensate during combustion and therefor need more thorough, regular cleaning. Without exception, all new gas and oil boilers will require annual inspection and if necessary servicing to satisfy the conditions of the warranty. With many manufacturers now offering 5, 7 and even 10 years warranties, this is ever important. Older open flued appliances that take combustion air from the room in which they are installed need to be regularly maintained and cleaned to ensure the safety of the occupants of the house. A poorly maintained fossil fuel burning appliance has the ability to kill if it produces Carbon Monoxide through lack of maintenance. Even a cooker can do this.


We can fix your broken or faulty oil or gas appliance. Within 30minutes of arriving at your home an estimate of cost of repair can normally be given. Our charges are competitive and in line with what our competitors will charge. Most breakdowns are diagnosed in 15-45 minutes and fixed either within this time, or if a part is required, then within 90minutes during a return visit. Many breakdowns are fixed within a few minutes and a small payment is asked for to cover time and fuel in such an event.


We look after the interests of a numer of Investment Landlords, as well as private domestic customers. Annually we service over 600 fossil fuel burning appliances. All appliances are treated with the same care and attention, regardless of whether the customer has one house or one hundred. The average gas boiler service will take 45-60 minutes and 60-90 minutes for an open flued back boiler or oil fired boiler. All appliances are tested to the highest safety standard regardless of whether the house is rented or owned. The gas supply will be checked to ensure there are not leaks, the gas supply pipe size will be checked to ensure it is large enough, the flame picture and combustion characteristics will be observed and reported on, the flue condition, effectiveness and performance will be checked, if necessary meaning an inspection of the flue pipe in the loft, a flue gas analysis will be performed where possible and all results recorded and issued to the customer or Landlord.


The vast majority of boilers that are described as in need of replacement are actually repairable, despite what the customer might have been told. As long as the appliance is found to be safe to use, we have often repaired older, but reasonably efficient appliances and given the customer invaluable information on how to improve the overall efficiency of the home heating system by modernising the heating controls or reducing fabric heat losses. 


Boiler services cost between £50 and £100 + vat and parts  and the work required is dependant upon the type of boiler and what is needed to ensure the safety of the boiler. This price includes an electronically generated Gas Safety Certificate or Oil Service Certificate, which can be emailed to the customer and the letting agent if required. Paper copies can be supplied at no additional cost.